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Unisex Alternative Children's and Adult Clothing that is fun, bright, cute, and one-of-a-kind. Camivan Encourages Children's Creativity

Snoods and Beanies

Snoods and Tube Scarfs

Snoods and Tube Scarfs

Get the style with our neck warmers🧣💥Our new snoods are Super Soft,... 

Unisex comfy fleece sherpa snood warmer
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It's not about perfection is about Uniqueness.

We want to show kids and youth, that beign different isn't a bad thing, it means you are brave enough to be yourself.

About us

Camivan Hoodies

Spiral blank pages personalised sckecth  book

Scketch Books!

Add to your stationery collection this cute spiral Sketchbook

Personalized it with your name on the cover. 

Make yours!
  • The Stickers

    Adorable colorfull creatures with big eyes and white outlines that makes them looks like Stickers.

    OMG ! I want it 
  • Dragonz are my friends

    A collection of dragons that are extremely cute.

    Want drangons on my clothes 
  • The groovy Friends

    These are cute and bright creatures will make you stand out, so put together a cool outfit to get you in the mood to dance with your groovy friends, because you don't have to fit in.

    Show me the groovy style 

    Ivan named them the cute creatures, an adorable collections of doodles made by hand.

    These were his first designs printed on clothing, he draw them whern he was 5 yrs old.

    Have a look of these creatures an a few more on our clothing range 
  • Bunch creatures

    Each creature is different

    A bunch of brightly coloured doodles. all having a good time and being themselves

  • More doodles

    There are a lot more of Ivan's cute crazy and sometimes extrange in a cute way doodles, all colourful and fun. all created by his imagination

    show me this 
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Drawing my cute creatures