Ivan wants to be a designer because he loves to draw and create. So mom told him that made some drawings and then they will print it into garments and so he can sell them and a percentage of the profit can go to children in need. So he started to do it.
Ivan is 6 Years Old
One day he said to his mom: " why we don't take a fly go to all these countries where children don't have toys, food or medicine, take money and toys with us and give it to them? then we fly back home and keep doing it often". So mommy told him it will be a great idea but they need to find a way to do it.

He created a funny characters and named them the Cute Creatures. Which now are getting printing edge to edge on children garments.

He keeps drawing and enjoying the process. Now his sister involve in the project and start to do her first creations😊... You will find out about it soon.. 

 He made an awesome job drawing by hand first. Then he learns how to use the Wacom tablet and he now he can't stop doing it. He is so happy that his drawing will get to somebody.
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