Who we are?

We are a family business with children as the stars.

Camivan is a combination of the names of the three children in this family, Camila, Miranda, and Ivan.
Ivan came up with all of the concepts; he enjoys creating and is passionate about the arts. He decided one day that he wanted to make a brand with his creations.


It is important to us as parents to support and encourage him to keep dreaming and creating.

His first design, Cute Creatures, was incredible!




All designs are one-of-a-kind, fun, and colourful, and are appropriate for both boys and girls.
With Camivan, we hope to encourage children to be creative. We want our designs to make kids feel unique while also being stylish.
Our clothing line is designed specifically for children, making them look fashionable while also being functional and comfortable. Every piece in our collection is truly individual.


The majority of our products are made, cut, and sewn in a small factory in London, UK, using high-quality clothing fabrics.

Cut and sew clothing is generally of higher quality than mass-produced clothing because it is all made by hand and with great care and attention paid to each and every individual item.
All colours are vibrant and perfectly printed   with the last digital printing technology to produce high definition into fabrics before  being assembled by hand. No robots or mass production.